Herbes de Provence to grow

Price €8.33

Fun! Fun! Boxes of herbs from Provence to grow yourself. Thyme, basil, lavender, rosemary Just put a little water in regularly and watch it grow at a temperature above 20° C. The can must be kept in a bright place and at room temperature. Ideally to be repotted in a larger container when the seeds exceed 2cm. So the can turns into a piggy bank!

Leather Key ring

Price €8.33

Keychain in the shape of the refined Jacotte cicada, in blue leather on one side and shiny silver on the other. Attaches to all supports thanks to its metal ring. Can be sold with the basket made of the same leather. The brilliance of the leather makes this key ring elegant. 

Kitchen towel in wax

Price €12.50

Kitchen Indigo blue or grey linen cloth. Hang Jacotte whispering....  French Manufacturing  Dimension 70 X 50  Advice: Soak the linen cloth in cold water overnight to remove it and dry it. You can iron it and then after use wash it in a 60° machine (Matching the Japanese apron), 100% wax. 70 x 50 cm

Espadrille Discrete

Price €20.83

Espadrilles are trendy and "chic".  Traditional shoes made by French craftsmen in the southwest of France. Canvas comes on a sole in natural fiber covered by a thin layer of rubber to give them the perfect confort to walk in any wild land, even in town.