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Espadrille Discrete

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Espadrilles are trendy and "chic".  Traditional shoes made by French craftsmen in the southwest of France. Canvas comes on a sole in natural fiber covered by a thin layer of rubber to give them the perfect confort to walk in any wild land, even in town.

Japanese apron in wax

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"Japanese" apron in natural linen embroidered with the 18 cm Jacot cicada (choose the embroidery color) French manufacturing  The principle of the Japanese apron is that its two straps are crossed at the back and no link is attached to the body.  Practical with its two large pockets, elegant and comfortable to wear for gardening, painting, sculpting or...

Wax Apron

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aprons in indigo blue, grey, or iced brown linen  Jacotte chuchote's signature on the pocket.  French Manufacturing